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Razorcake #41 review:
Olde Ghost - Totally 7" EP

Suggestion to whoever wrote the one sheet: don’t name drop Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes when the band you’re pumping is pretty much a straight-ahead modern punk band with screamed-rasped vocals, heavy tuning, and weight. Whereas John Reis, Gar Wood, and Co. made songs in which the notes could be made into maps of different, freaky, and badass worlds, Olde Ghost’s music is more or less a straight line with a couple of small swerves and pebbles being kicked up. Like End On End, perhaps, or the less interesting God Hates Computers tracks? Nice chipboard packaging and it came with a CDEP, too.

Olde Ghost – Totally 7″ EP

Debut recording from this five-piece New York powerhouse. Five songs of high-octane punk on a rock 'n' roll tip. Co-release with Rok Lok Records.
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