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Modern Fix #50 review:
In Arcadia - If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It CD

This is one of the best post-hardcore albums to come out recently. It’s packed with honest emotion, melody, and rock like most bands can only hope for. Another plus is that it manages to avoid the influences and clichés of commercial hardcore or emo. Guitarist and vocalist Joe Enos, formerly of Florida hardcore/emo bands Madison and Carlisle, has a great unpolished voice and the music is diverse. Sometimes it’s similar to early Piebald and other times it’s a full attack of screams and brutality. Both are equally pleasing here. Best song title on the album: “Bitch, You Ain’t Go No Old Nayy Jacket.”

In Arcadia – If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It CD

A melodious emo/hardcore assault in the vein of Anasarca or Falling Forward with the catchy melodies of early Piebald or Sunny Day Real Estate.