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Maximum Rocknroll #393 review:
Mutant Scum - Field Recordings

Slime themed mid-tempo metal punk dirges. Snarling vocals and meaty guitars, they just can’t seem to settle on an approach. The intro is a churning proto-crust burner, but the style meanders towards ’90s East Bay hardcore and then settle into sludge/stoner dirge. All of these things are good, mind you, so this is more of an observation than a complaint. Presentation and theme are excellent, with an informational leaflet, stickers… and a packet of scum. Actual scum. It’s green.


Mutant Scum – Field Recordings

Subterranean dwelling humanoids, horribly deformed by exposure to a toxic radioactive substance, making a raucous metallic commotion with help from local volunteer/drummer James and the Society for Estuary Waste Education & Research.
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