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Maximum Rocknroll #336 review:
Olde Ghost - Use Yer Illusion 3'N'4 12" LP

Here’s a hardcore band that gets the honor of not being easily categorized into a particular genre, and therefore being a bit distinctive and welcome to cynical ears. OLDE GHOST has an approach reminiscent of the glorious screamo era without being quite as spastic as some of the (godlike) Gravity bands. Instead, the songs carry a passionate mid-tempo hardcore sound that comes off as a DC post-hardcore vibe mixed with early 90’s hardcore. There are lots of change-ups and intricate guitar work that become more apparent with each spin, and the singer pulls off constant screaming that somehow is both incensed and soothing at the same time. A lyric sheet would have been nice, but otherwise I have to say that this album merits a good listen (or two or five).

Olde Ghost – Use Yer Illusion 3’N’4 12″ LP

A heavy riff-storm of guitars mixed with pulsating bass lines, thunderous drumming, and burly vocals. Black Flag meets Hot Snakes.