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Maximum Rocknroll #294 review:
Olde Ghost - Totally 7" EP

I totally liked this. It reminded me of DRIVE LIKE JEHU-era hardcore. In fact, it is very and entirely reminiscent of DRIVE LIKE JEHU. I had this feeling that I was not going to be into this record at all. For some reason I thought it was going to be screamo, or worse, emo-violence, but no, it’s actually a total DRIVE LIKE JEHU tribute band and I am totally into it. I would have liked it whether it came out in ’94 or last year. I am actually kind of at a loss for words because I was gearing up to hate, but instead, I liked – a confusing experience leading to a somewhat boring review. OLDE GHOST features ex-members of BOOKS LIE, THE FICTION, YOUR ADVERSARY, YUM YUM TREE, and EXCITEBIKE.

Olde Ghost – Totally 7″ EP

Debut recording from this five-piece New York powerhouse. Five songs of high-octane punk on a rock 'n' roll tip. Co-release with Rok Lok Records.
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