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Hanging Like A Hex – March 2019 review:
Mutant Scum - Mutant Scum 12" LP

Mutant Scum are quite an anomaly that I’m appreciating for definitely not taking the expected path that a band with a name like Mutant Scum, and who have total thrash-style artwork, an obsession with slime and sewers, and other thrash-revival tropes would take. Sure, there’s some thrashy punk up in their musical mix. But there’s a low end that sounds so similar to the very distinct KARP and Big Business heaviness that it really throws the entire record off-kilter from what you think is supposed to be happening. Plus, a bunch of this record lurches a little slower and even throws in some occasional psychedelic weirdness to the stew. I mean, in all honesty, if you’re going to focus on themes of slime and sewers and mutation having a slimy, oozing musical soundtrack would certainly be apropos. It’s just that that Troma films- thrash metal connection has created an expectation I guess and Mutant Scum are taking that in their own unique direction. So hat’s off to them. In addition, this comes in a cool gatefold package and on bright green slimy vinyl to boot. My understanding is that they also play live wearing wild mutant costumes, so there’s a bonus right there in case you hate recorded music.

Mutant Scum – Mutant Scum 12″ LP

Sludgy metallic punk played by mutant-human hybrids spawned from the Brooklyn sewers. Radioactive slime green color vinyl, plus full color gatefold jacket and download code.