Handstand Records

DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl

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Flight 13 Records

Wonderful rougher, driving, gloomy punk rock from New Orleans, the barked female vocals are super good and the whole has a wonderfully gaudy feeling, partly reminiscent of early coathangers or distress, plus a pinch of early priests or even tribe 8, now and then midtempo, finished is a great punk with many facets and great lyrics, Consciousness and charm. Absolutely insider tip, they would be huge on a “hip” label. 8 songs, short and crisp. Go! * Handstand.

Casual Burn

Mean Thing 12″ LP

Casual Burn are a femme-fronted punk rock band from the swamps of New Orleans, with goth and surf undertones, sludgy downshifts, and noisy freak-outs.