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Cross My Heart With A Knife review:
Excitebike - Beak / Scoop / Bulge / Stretch / Slice / Add / Subtract CD EP

Ive listened to this cd so much i could probably recite every word to you and tell you every change that occurs in it. Its so good. The band dosent really mix anything with anything else. Its just pretty much straight up driving indierock. Some may call it “emo” …I believe its more indie though so there.

The catch is though… and yeah, there has to be a catch for it to be here… there are backing screams. Its not really shouting, its Shrieking almost. Wonderful. The first song ‘if and only if’ just starts out rocking and keeps going with passionate singing /screamin’. Next is ‘standard candle’ which doesnt go into any screaming but holds everythingtogether beautifully. This one could be the radiofriendly song and thats not a bad thing at all. Its a really really catchy song.

‘Car crash song’ starts off pretty mellow and stays that way pretty much with bursts of screaming over top the melodies. This one even has some very pretty “ahhhh”s by a young lady. Sweet sweet sweet. Song 4 is ‘voltron’ and it kicks it back up. The screaming in this really does it. It definitlly pushes the song up to another notch that it wouldnt be at without it. It would be a great song but no …something.

Then we have the last song ‘clocktower’. Its my fav on this and is more aggressive yet inviting music. This one really has an urgent feel to it like whatever it is youre doing you need to hurry it the fuck up. Like a bomb is about to go off at the end. Here I go with a comparison… yeah, take some Sunny Day Real Estate and paste in some of your favorite screamo vocals in the background. That was pretty lame and dosent give it justice at all but hey, I tried. None of this may have made sense. I dont know. This really is a great band though.

Excitebike – Beak / Scoop / Bulge / Stretch / Slice / Add / Subtract CD EP

Virginia emo-core with the perfect mix of melody and intensity. Members went on to play in Olde Ghost, Gregor Samsa, and The Silent Type.