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Cross My Heart With A Knife review:
In Arcadia - All Green Lights CD EP

This was a CD I picked up on a whim. I hadn’t heard more than a fleeting reference to this band in some zine a long time ago, and I saw it in some distros. So I picked it up. I put it in my CD player to go drive to the recycling center (give a hoot, don’t pollute), and I was blown away. This rocks out with an emotion many bands are lacking. Very very powerful. Stylistically, I’d place them along the same lines as Thursday with a little more screaming, or maybe Spirit of Versailles with a lot less screaming. The packaging is cool too, paper board screened and place in a jewel case, with no naming factors on the case or packaging. You have to open the CD to know what it is. Pretty cool. My one complaint about this is that it is far too short. Only 4 songs, clocking in at about 15:30. They are apparently ex-Madison, ex-Carlisle, if that means anything to you. I got mine through the wonderful Mike Haley at the Electric Human Project. You can too.

In Arcadia – All Green Lights CD EP

Amazing emotional hardcore from Joe Enos, an ex-member of Madison, Carlisle, and Rosalind. For fans of Sunny Day Real Estate and Boys Sets Fire.
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