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Calamity Project review:
Crestfallen - Streaks Of Terror 12" LP

You may know Crestfallen from not only having a split with Waifle, but also having a member of pg99 in the band. This is their new full length on Magic Bullet Records, and it is excellent. If you’re new to Crestfallen, an easy comparison would be that they sound a lot like pg99. They often refer to both pg99 and Majority Rule as their “punk rock parents” too. These guys thrash themselves out and play chaotic, heartfelt songs that make you want to go nuts. Songs like “Nine To Five RSVP”, “Never Say Never”, “Seen And Not Heard” and others are chaotic, thrashed out, and heavy as all fuck. One of my favorite tracks on this record is “Scouring For Any Signs of Life”. It’s bent more on melody than the other tracks on the record and sets a nice flow for the mayhem that erupts afterwards. They also cover Violence’s “Eternal Nightmare”, and that’s always a plus! All in all, I’m definitely glad I got this release, it’s one of my favorites for the year, and I’ll be rockin it for quite some time.

Crestfallen – Streaks Of Terror 12″ LP

Chunky, thrashy punk/metal riffage with a youthful passion and enough blasts and breakdowns to destroy a small country.
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