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Watch PLUNGER, THE GREAT UNRAVELING, and THE UNHEARD ONES live at Dub Housing in Maryland, 1996

On Sunday February 25th, 1996, four bands (Plunger, The Great Unraveling, Harriet The Spy, and The Unheard Ones) played a show in a basement in Dundalk, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore city. The show was set up for a touring band (Harriet The Spy, from Ohio) and was one of a handful that took place at this space, which was known as Dub Housing when used for this purpose (normally, it was just a finished basement/living space/practice space for The Unheard Ones).

Sadly, Harriet The Spy’s set was not recorded, but the other band’s performances were captured via a VHS video camera that had mostly seen duty on Kabara family trips to amusement parks in a prior decade. It was set up in the background of the basement atop a dresser. Eventually, the camera is manipulated and adjusted in an attempt to “see” the bands better through the crowd. The visual quality is poor, but the sound quality is fairly decent. 

This is the closest you can get to a time machine in terms of what it was like to stand at the back of the crowd at a Baltimore music and arts underground basement show in the mid 1990s. You even get to be a “fly on the wall” between sets for an interval.


Tim Kabara (Vocals/Guitar)
Lisa Starace (Bass)
Eli Jones (Drums)

00:02:10 Electrophonic
00:05:12 Epiphany
00:09:11 Armchairs Bursting In Air
00:11:48 (Instrumental)
00:15:10 Anaphase
00:19:01 The Unheard Ones
00:21:58 Bermuda Triangle
00:25:47 National Engineering Co.
00:27:21 Lead Powder Cologne
00:30:49 Eight Minute Absolution


Tonie Joy (Vocals/Guitar)
Anthony Malat (Bass)
Randy Davis (Drums)

00:40:58 (Instrumental)
00:44:10 Alien Landscape
00:50:42 New Frontier
00:58:50 The Burden of Proof
01:03:34 Head For The Hills


Tom LoMacchio (Vocals/Synthesizer)
Matt Brennen (Guitar)
Marc Haseltine (Bass)
Derek Haseltine (Drums)

01:08:03 Walking To Dawn
01:10:22 H.S.
01:15:01 Inle’
01:20:16 Swallowtale
01:24:52 Processional