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FLESH EATING CREEPS – The Movie About The Book About The Movie

This week in 2015 I was finishing assembly of the Flesh Eating Creeps discography cassettes, Handstand’s first release after a 5 year hiatus. It rejuvenated my enthusiasm for the label, and served as a reminder of what drew me to DIY punk in the first place. It was a labor of love and collaboration with longtime punk buds – you can read more about my personal involvement with the release here.

“The Book About The Movie” is a 58 track document of Flesh Eating Creeps’ evolution from DC-inspired ‘80s-style hardcore like Void and Swiz to a more technical and chaotic sound influenced by Born Against and Heroin. We made 100 standard cassettes and 50 deluxe editions that came with all sorts of punk ephemera. Those are long gone, but you can watch the assembly process here!