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MUTANT SCUM Origin Story Revealed in Groundbreaking New Video

The creatures colloquially known as MUTANT SCUM have been studied through public research events over the past 7 years. However, their true origins had always remained unknown… until now! Volunteer scientists at the Society for Estuary Waste Education & Research teamed up with video production experts at Part Time Hooligan to document the origin story of these subterranean-dwelling humanoids and their predilection for raucous metallic commotion.

A Part Time Hooligan Production

Director, Producer: Ryan Twyford-Rigley
DOP, Editor, Assistant Director: Steph Twyford-Rigley

Art Director/2D Animation: Smo
VFX Artist: Dave Weinstock
Practical FX Supervisor: Doug Sakmann
Additional Art & Design: James Callahan

Slime Wizard: Dave Hill
Mutant Scum: Mutant Scum

S.E.W.E.R. Volunteer: Benjamin Tuttle
S.E.W.E.R. Volunteer : William Cole
S.E.W.E.R. Volunteer : James Vecchio
S.E.W.E.R. Volunteer : Thomas Smolenski

Prop Master / DIT: River Ensslin
Production Assistant: Andrew Pickup
Production Assistant: Gus Maximus
Production Assistant: Cat Baldwin
Production Assistant: Nick Smolenski