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GROUPIE “Ephemeral” LP out now!

GROUPIE’s debut album “Ephemeral” is OUT NOW! 🌸 Taking bits and pieces of punk/post-punk/new wave acts of the ’70s & ’80 (The Stooges, The Cure, and The Clash, to name a few) and gracefully blending them with more feminine influences from the ’90s (Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth, and The Breeders), @groupie_band has crafted a sound that nods to the past while exploring contemporary themes.

“Ephemeral” features 10 tracks of anxiety-ridden meditations on a society that can bring pain just as easily as it can bring joy. With warm, yet dissonant tones and energetic, impassioned vocals strengthening this theme, Groupie play a captivating style of surfy post-punk that Analogue Trash described as “a glorious and riotous amalgam of Patti Smith, Roxy Music, Velvet Underground, Bikini Kill, and The Raincoats.”


Handstand is pleased as punch to be a part of this amazing album – available now on vinyl, cassette, and digital!