The Infertil & Flesh Eating Creeps – Live at Twisters

23 years ago today, my high school punk band piled into a van bound for Richmond, Virginia to play a show with our buddies in the Flesh Eating Creeps at the legendary venue Twisters, located at 929 West Grace Street. Armed only with a few bottles of the foulest malt liquor, and a $75 demon mask from a Things You Never Knew Existed mailorder catalog, we brought the rock as best we could. Thankfully our friend Beth was there to capture the chaos on a VHS tape, which I recently unearthed and digitized. Check out links to both bands’ sets below. The audio is a bit rough, but there are hijinx aplenty!

It is also worth mentioning that both bands’ discographies were recently released on Spotify and all other streaming services!