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SHOW RECAP: Mother Feather, Mutant Scum, and Vaureen 12/6 at Knitting Factory

Thursday night at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn proved to be a potent combination of divine feminine energy and toxic mutant activity.

Brooklyn trio VAUREEN kicked off the night with a Sabbath/Siouxsie/Sonic Youth-styled rock foray, complete with guitar capos, delivering a solid set in support of their new album “Extraterra” [Rising Pulse Records].

Subterranean creatures MUTANT SCUM emerged from depths of nearby Newtown Creek to slime the stage with a radioactive cocktail of sludgy metallic punk cuts from their new self-titled album [Handstand Records], a performance described by one viewer as “scum-trulescent”.

The apex of the evening was the red hot glam metal onslaught of MOTHER FEATHER whose new album “Constellation Baby” [Metal Blade Records] is a gorgeous arrangement of pop precision and towering hard rock riffs.

Whether you prefer the glitter or the gutter, posi vibes and good times were had by all. Thanks to everybody who helped facilitate this performance, and those who showed up to support. Check out our Spotify playlist of all the bands!