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DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Mutant Scum debut album out today!

Pre-order the vinyl version of this environ-metal cautionary tale at Bandcamp, which includes a full color gatefold artwork, color vinyl, and digital download code (ships mid-December). Stream or download the new album on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Napster, and plenty more streaming services that I’ve never heard of.

The creatures comprised of and henceforth referred to as “Mutant Scum,” were subsequently discovered while tracking the substance to its source in the sewer systems underneath Newtown Creek. Little is known about these creatures, the substance, or what may have twisted them to life. Our best guess is that the toxic cocktail of the Greenpoint Oil Spill, decades of unchecked chemical dumping, and raw sewage spilling into the creek created a fertile breeding ground for these mutant aberrations.

In honor of #GivingTuesday we will be donating a portion of today’s release sales to Newtown Creek Alliance, a community-based organization dedicated to protecting the environmental, recreational and commercial integrity of the waters where Mutant Scum originated.