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NEW ARRIVALS: Noise punk 7″s from the almighty Reptilian Records

Part 2 of a huge distro update from our buddies at Reptilian Records. KEN mode is a noise rock/metal band from Winnipeg, Canada, whose Nerve 7″ contains 3 unreleased tracks from the Steve Albini recorded “Success” sessions of late 2014. Fight Amputation deliver a sonic brew of noise rock, sludge, hardcore, grunge, and punk evokes a sound similar to early Melvins being molested by Queens Of The Stone Age. Birth (Defects) 1st single is ragged and furious, keening and screeching – this is noise rock without the regressive bro factor. Their 2nd single contains two mid-tempo stompers, face down in the trough, kicking around a modern notion of a noise rock band where an actual noise rig is part of the action. Faking is well-versed in the abrasive mathy angularity found in the ’90s AmRep and Touch & Go camps, with crunchy buzz saw riffs, calculated repetition, and reverb-drenched seasick leads.


WAR HONEY - Shard To Shatter 12" EP