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NEW ARRIVALS: Noise punk vinyl LPs from the almighty Reptilian Records

2016 was a behemoth of a year for longtime homey Chris X and his Reptilian Records imprint. We’re stocking a shit ton of Reptilian vinyl, starting with these excellent LPs. The debut LP from UXO, the newest project from Chris Spencer (Unsane) and Steve Austin (Today Is The Day), is as loud, heavy, and abrasive as the band’s pedigree might suggest. Multicult’s 4th album is abrasive but cerebral noise rock for the quantum physics crowd, boasting rhythmic chops and a slashing guitar tone not unlike a block of machined aluminum pressed to an industrial lathe. And the mighty Supersuckers switch gears on their new album, taking their rock down a country dirt road, kicking up dust with a posse of bad-asses. More Reptilian 7″s will be added shortly!


WAR HONEY - Shard To Shatter 12" EP