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NEW ARRIVALS: Lo-fi / indie rock vinyl & cassettes from Rok Lok Records

I just listed a bunch of awesome new records from our longtime buddy label Rok Lok Records. Mike Andriani and I first became pen pals around the turn of the century, exchanging handwritten letters and DIY records, and our labels teamed up to co-release the Olde Ghost 7″ in 2007. Handstand has been carrying Rok Lok releases since the first On The Might Of Princes CD, and we are stoked to stock some of Rok Lok’s most recent output.

Shojo Winter – Eternal Snow is a limited edition cassette tape that takes the listener on a hazy, hypnotic journey. This is the debut release from these Hemet, California shoegazers, and has been in heavy rotation on my headphones. Little Whirls – Sedateness At The Movies is another super-limited cassette release, proving Germany knows a thing or two about lo-fi indie pop. Both the Snow What and Sandy City LPs are highly recommended for fans of raw, catchy indie rock. Snow What reminds me of Sebadoh, whereas Sandy City has more of a surf vibe. I ended up keeping copies for myself, so I only have a handful available. World’s Fair – Leisurely is a stellar debut LP from Mike Rok Lok’s newest band, limited to just 100 copies on blue & white splatter vinyl. We’ve also got 7″s from Brick Mower, Imaginary Pants, Make It Plain, Eureka California and Good Grief if you just want a small shot of indie pop.

Most of these records and tapes are strictly limited edition releases, so don’t sleep on these fine indie rock artifacts. Rok Lok Records also has a huge distro, and you would be wise to check out their website and Bandcamp page.