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NEW ARRIVALS: Metal / hardcore / punk rock vinyl releases from Cricket Cemetery Records

Handstand Records has been so busy with its own releases that we haven’t kept up with all the other awesome new records that we (not so) recently got in stock. This long overdue distro update features tons of vicious vinyl releases from the DC-based label Cricket Cemetery Records. Their most recent release is a full length LP from one of our favorite new punk bands, Loud Boyz. Cricket Cemetery also released some rockin’ 7″s from our other friends, The Shirks and Highway Cross. And if you desperately need your metal fix, then check out the LPs from Host and Putrisect. We’ve also got some amazing looking colored vinyl releases from Cemetery Piss, Fulgora, Ravagers, and LTW. We’ve embedded Bandcamp audio players on all these new arrivals, so put on your headbanging pants and take a listen.