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Handstand Records Launches New Responsive Website

The day of reckoning is finally at hand! Handstand 5.0, the long-awaited responsive website redesign is up and running. Over a year in the making, the site has been significantly overhauled and you, my friend, are the benefactor.

Take a look around and check out all the cool stuff. Please contact us if you encounter any bugs or issues. We’ll be rolling out some more enhancements shortly, adding some new items, and slowly building an archive of photos, flyers, and other paraphernalia.

Site Features

Responsive Design

The site boasts a fluid layout that fits to your screen, so it looks better on mobile devices and tablets. No more pinching or zooming! Much of the content is swipe-able, so you should have an easier time navigating the site.

Robust Artist Bios

Everything you could ever possibly want to know about the Artists on Handstand is available for consumption: photos, flyers, event listings, videos, social media links, etc.

Fancy Schmancy Audio Player

Check out the Noise section for hours of streaming music complete with an animated turntable.

Free Downloads

Many of our releases and distributed titles are available to Download. Most are free!

Shopping Cart

Add your items to the shopping cart without leaving the site. The cart icon in the header displays your current record tally. Checkout through Paypal quickly and easily.

Trading Contact Form

Are you a DIY label/distro/artist that wants to trade records with Handstand? We make it super simple to arrange a swap with this new handy dandy Trade Form.

Global Search Function

The new search function in the upper right corner of the header make it easier to find what you’re looking for. You can also limit your search to just the Store, or the entire site for more relevant results.

Admin Enhancements

There is also a ton of cool back-end bells and whistles that you won’t see, but will sure as hell make site maintenance easier.

New Releases

Now that the site is fully operational, I’ll be focusing on finishing up 2 releases that have been in the works for some time:

Olde Ghost – Top Serpent [7″ EP]

I’m currently trying to track down the lacquers from the now-shuttered EKS pressing plant. The band broke up shortly after the test presses arrived, and the pressing plant closed down, so this release has been somewhat of a debacle. But the final Olde Ghost recordings will see the light of day, I promise.

Flesh Eating Creeps – The Book About The Movie Discography [TAPE+DIGITAL]

57-track discography of this frenetic hardcore-punk band from Richmond, VA (1995-2000). These guys are good buddies of mine, and went on to play in tons of amazing bands like Brainworms, City Of Caterpillar, Light The Fuse And Run, Municipal Waste, Stop It!!, and many more.