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Olde Ghost 7-Inch Out Soon!

HANDSTAND is pleased as punch to announce our first split label release with Long Island’s ROK LOK RECORDS. That release will be a 7″ version of the 5-song OLDE GHOST debut recording. 500 copies will be pressed and yes, some will be on color. You can expect this release to drop sometime this summer, along with some new O.G. material as well. There are a handful of copies of the limited demo CD version w/ hand-screened covers.

The distro catalog has been updated with some new stuff. I’m expecting a veritable shit ton of packages tomorrow actually, so expect another update soon. Ya heard?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother Patrick AKA Terry Manners AKA my favorite rapper of all time. One love to my homey Thurman ‘Bubba’ Allan Cole.