Handstand Records

DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Back Up In The Saddle

First off, I apologize for the untimely delay in updates and email response. My computer shat the bed and I had to transfer 15 gigs or so onto a new machine, then reload all my programs, blah blah blah…not fun. But Handstand Records is back in full effect to celebrate our reconnection to the online world, we’re offering FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ON ALL PAYPAL MAILORDER!!! Just call it an early Halloween present from your vinyl-addicted buddies at Handstand Headquarters.

Secondly, we’ve got a rack of New Records in the Distro for you to wrap your ears around. And the Search Engine and the Online Order Form are working properly now, so please utilize these hot features.

The blazing new IN ARCADIA full length in nearing fruition. Peep a new MP3 of “Bitch, You Ain’t Got No Old Navy Jacket.” I’m hard at work on the layout so we can get this bad boy off to the press soon.

Finally, the jerkos at my old Alexandria, VA post office decided to close my box and change the locks without telling me. Fun stuff! I’d just like to make everyone aware of my new address below for all mailorder, promo stuff, etc.

Handstand c/o Will Cole
P.O. Box 20300
New York, NY 10021-0064


Insidious – Noon In June CD
Snowblood – The Human Tragedy LP
The Convocation Of – s/t LP
Majority Rule – Interviews With David Frost LP
Fiya – Make Joy, Make Strength CD
Piebald – When Life Hands You Lemons LP
Edgar / Tetsuo – split 7″ (thanks Bob!)
Raein – s/t LP
Modest Mouse – Good News For People… 2xLP
Iron Maiden – Powerslave LP
Caught In The Fall – Act IV 11″
Love – Forever Changes CD
Jeru the Damaja – Wrath of the Math 2xLP
Rites of Spring – everything


WAR HONEY - Shard To Shatter 12" EP