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A Full Month Of Nonstop Karate

Wow, what month is it again? Summer is flying right by here in the Big Apple. I’ve been keeping busy, trying to obtain new records on a limited budget. To help with expenses, I am auctioning a copy of the Pg.99 Document #1 demo tape on Ebay. Check it out, yo. There is some tight new overseas vinyl in the distro section with plenty more to come. Speaking of which, if your label wants to trade for Handstand releases, PLEASE drop me a line at will@handstandrecords.com. Trading is the best way for DIY labels to help each other out so let’s do this shit proper.

The hot new IN ARCADIA full length in nearing fruition. I’m waiting on artwork and layout and then we can get this bad boy off to the press. The album will be on CD format, and hopefully a limited LP pressing shortly thereafter. I promise I’ll post a new MP3 in the next week or so. All the songs are so good that it’s hard to choose just one.

In other news, my wonderful girlfriend Meg, my fabulous beagle Thurman, and I were extras in an upcoming Spike Lee joint called “Miracle’s Boys” which is slated to air on MTV sometime in the near future. Or the not-so-near future, I can’t really say because I have no idea. And who knows if we’re even in the shot, so it’s a win-win situation!

IF YOU HAVEN’T REGISTERED TO VOTE, PLEASE DO SO HERE. There’s absolutely no excuse for not voting, even if it’s not “punk rock” or whatever. Let’s kick this moron out of office!


Crestfallen – s/t 7″
Iron Maiden – The Number of the Bast LP
Amtrak – s/t 7″
Serotonin – Early Works CD
Cursive – Domestica LP
Love – Forever Changes CD
Del Rey – Darkness & Distance LP
Fin Fang Foom – With The Gift Comes The Curse CD
Murder In The Red Barn – Get In Before The Rain CD
Pressgang – Faith: The Sturdy Backbone… CD
Q And Not U – Different Damage LP
Angora Static – s/t 7″
Aesop Rock – Bazooka Tooth 3xLP
The Fire Next Time – Sound of A Threat CD
Man Without Plan – everything