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DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Having A Sorbet With The Teach

CRESTFALLEN just returned from their hot summer tour. The promo copies of their new CDep on Robotic Empire have been mailed out. Worldwide musical slaughter will commence shortly. In other words: I’ll have them shits in the distro pronto, poncho. Please be patient.

IN ARCADIA have begun recording for an upcoming full-length CD on Handstand. They’re playing a bunch of shows in the next month or so, and you would be wise to peep that shit. Also be sure to listen to the demo version of one of their new tracks on the sounds page. Email Joe if you want to book a show with IA.

The recently unearthed DATs for THE BASEBALL FURIES / NO TURN ON FRED retrospective discography are currently being transferred to CD format by my main man Ben Mellott @ Nothing But Noise. There were four tapes in total, comprising 3 Inner Ear sessions and 1 of the NTOF demo at Occoquan Studios. The Furies played Poison Idea-styled punk rock, while The Fred were a self-proclaimed, underrated “ice metal” band of epic proportions. These two Alexandria groups changed my life for the better.

And finally emerging from the shadows of laziness…THE ROBOCOP FOUR. The Movie. The Band. Maybe if The Last Crime got loaded with Hot Water Music. Maybe. With any luck, an acoustic version of the R4’s “Why Do Fools Fall In Lava?” will be the soundtrack to a skate piece by Ben “Paper Cut” Steck (pictured right there) in the upcoming Day By Day video. Email me if you want to book a show with these monsters of rock. Seriously…we rock. Hard.


WAR HONEY - Shard To Shatter 12" EP