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DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


She Talks To Herself Around Me

I’m perpetually updating the distro section thanks to all the trading I’ve been doing. Keep it coming, y’all. I’m broke as a joke until the Feds send me my tax return. But yeah, the Crestfallen – Streaks of Terror LP and The Infertil – Dischoreography CD have been doing well. If you wanna swap some shit, send me a sample copy of your stuff or some MP3 links. A slew of hot new releases are in the works, but not anytime soon unfortunately. Oh yeah, I didn’t get table space at Macrock because apparently I can’t read a calendar correctly.


Fall Time – Coma 2xLP
Cave In – Jupiter LP
The Aleatoric – Forever Yours 7″
Encyclopedia of American Traitors – Discography CD
Cursive – The Ugly Organ LP
Ozzy Osbourne – Ultimate Sin LP
Motion Man – Clearing The Field 2xLP
Talib Kweli – Quality CD
Carrion – Beggar 7″
Burnman – Notes For A Catalogue… LP
Engine Down – Demure CD
Stop It – Demo CD
The Buzzcocks – Different Kind of Tension LP
Off Minor / I Am The Resurrection – split 12″
Sole – Selling Live Water 2xLP
The Pixies – everything