She Talks To Herself Around Me

I’m perpetually updating the distro section thanks to all the trading I’ve been doing. Keep it coming, y’all. I’m broke as a joke until the Feds send me my tax return. But yeah, the Crestfallen – Streaks of Terror LP and The Infertil – Dischoreography CD have been doing well. If you wanna swap some shit, send me a sample copy of your stuff or some MP3 links. A slew of hot new releases are in the works, but not anytime soon unfortunately. Oh yeah, I didn’t get table space at Macrock because apparently I can’t read a calendar correctly.


Fall Time – Coma 2xLP
Cave In – Jupiter LP
The Aleatoric – Forever Yours 7″
Encyclopedia of American Traitors – Discography CD
Cursive – The Ugly Organ LP
Ozzy Osbourne – Ultimate Sin LP
Motion Man – Clearing The Field 2xLP
Talib Kweli – Quality CD
Carrion – Beggar 7″
Burnman – Notes For A Catalogue… LP
Engine Down – Demure CD
Stop It – Demo CD
The Buzzcocks – Different Kind of Tension LP
Off Minor / I Am The Resurrection – split 12″
Sole – Selling Live Water 2xLP
The Pixies – everything