Handstand Records

DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


There Are Sharks In The Walls

If you run a label or distro and you’d like to trade for Handstand releases, please email me. I’m trying to get the Crestfallen LP out to as many distros as possible. I have about a hundred of the silkscreened tour covers available for mailorder. Six bucks ppd and they come with a patch and lyric sheet finally. Closing In On Incredible is slowly but surely finishing recording. We just have vocals and mixing left to do. Four songs (three originals and a Gang Green cover) will be released as a CDep sometime before we all grow old. If you want to set something up for anytime after August, shoot me an email. We are the musical equivalent of Hot Water Music and The Last Crime getting loaded together. Or not. Big distro update too, so check out all the hot shit.


Crestfallen – Streaks of Terror LP
Mass Influence – The Underground Science LP
Catharsis / Newborn – split CD
Braid – Frame and Canvas LP
Kutmasta Kurt presents – Masters of Illusion CD
Danzig – first four albums
Transistor Transistor – s/t CD
Cursive – Burst and Bloom 12″
Rawkus presents – Soundbombing II CD
Weezer – Maladroit CD
City of Caterpillar – s/t CD
A Days Refrain / Barstow – split 7″
Milemarker – Anaesthetic LP
Two tight hip hop mix CDs my brother made me
Foo Fighters – s/t CD
Children of Bodom – Hatebreeder & Reaper CDs
Give Until Gone – Settled For The Art Official CD
Assfactor 4 – s/t LP