Handstand Records

DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl


Oh Shit, I Left My Fruitopia In The Car!

FINALLY! The crucial Excitebike CDep is available for mass consumption right now. It’s five songs, five bucks, and it freakin’ rules. My former roommate Nate likes to use the phrase “melodious assault.” Actually he might have been referring to another record, but my point still stands. You would be wise to check out this CD. The hot In Arcadia CDep has been mastered and will be out very soon. That’s my word.


In Arcadia – All Green Lights CDep
Melt Banana/Three Studies For A Crucifixion – split 8″
The Now – s/t CDep
Black Star – CD
Since By Man – Starter Kit To Promote… 7″
Affront – People Who Live In Glass Houses CD
Superstitions of the Sky – Things Said In Passing CD
Pg.99 – Document #7 CD
Bookstore – s/t CD
The Chase – The Better Part of Six Months CD


WAR HONEY - Shard To Shatter 12" EP