Handstand Records

DIY LABEL & DISTRO SINCE 2000 // hardcore punk metal indie rock vinyl

Mutant Scum – Self Titled LP

MUTANT SCUM “Self a Titled”

Sludgy metallic punk played by mutant-human hybrids spawned from the sewers of Brooklyn. Subterranean dwelling humanoids, horribly deformed by exposure to a toxic radioactive substance, making a raucous metallic commotion with help from local volunteer/drummer James and the Society for Estuary Waste Education & Research. These however are our best educated guesses and their true origins remain unknown.

  • Green color vinyl limited to 533 copies
  • Includes digital download code
  • Gatefold sleeve with full color artwork by James Callahan at Barf Comics (MUNICIPAL WASTE, MASTODON)
  • Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth (DYSRHYTHMIA, KRALLICE, BEHOLD...THE ARCTOPUS)