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Brooklyn, New York / Jersey City, New Jersey

Marc Grillo – Vocals (2005-2011)
Chris O’Hearn – Vocals (2011)
Will Cole – Guitar
Dawn Black – Guitar
Jamie Behar – Bass (2007-2011)
Bennie DeGrasse – Bass (2005-2007)
Adam Paterson – Drums

This NY/NJ-based powerhouse’s sound lies somewhere between Black Flag and Hot Snakes, with a touch of DC influence. A heavy riff-storm of guitars mixed with pulsating bass lines, thunderous drumming, and burly vocals.

Featuring members of Books Lie, Off Minor, Saetia, The Fiction, Yum Yum Tree, Excitebike, The Infertil.

Members went on to play in Fucking Bullshit, Passive Aggressor, Acid Problem, Pleasure Industry, Cold War III.

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Olde Ghost

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