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  • How do I order something from you?

    It is a relatively quick and painless process. Simply browse through our catalog, add the items you want to buy to your shopping cart, then checkout. Be sure to select the appropriate country when adding to the cart, as shipping amounts may differ.

    Do you accept credit cards?

    We currently accept major credit card payments through our secure Paypal shopping cart. Our releases are also distributed by a number of places with more payment options: Deathwish, Dischord, Ebullition, Rev HQ, RevolverStickfigure, etc.

    Can I send you my band’s demo?

    I don’t know…can you?

    May I send you my band’s demo?

    You may. However, I should note that every record I’ve released has been with a band of friends, and the chances I will release a record of your band after hearing a demo is pretty slim. If I like what I hear, I’d be happy to help distribute your music, but Handstand releases are almost always personal projects of mine or those of good friends.

    Will you sell my stuff on your website?

    Almost certainly. While I won’t release your album after hearing your band, I’m always happy to help distribute DIY releases from artists under the umbrella of independent music (be it punk, hardcore, emo, indie, metal, hip hop, etc). Your best bet is to send a sample copy of your CD or record, complete with all artwork and inserts, to the address below. Alternately, you can email me links where I can check out your music, but there is a higher probability that I will get sidetracked and forget.

    How can I distribute Handstand releases?

    We love to deal direct, so if you run a store or distro, please get in touch for the cheapest wholesale rates.

    Do you want to trade records?

    Yes! We love trading with like-minded DIY labels and distros. We can trade any in-print releases from Handstand, Mountain, Driven By Boredom, as well as a handful of other items. Take a look at our up-to-date Trade List and get in touch if you are interested.

    What bands were/are you in?

    I played drums in THE INFERTIL, guitar in EXCITEBIKE, guitar in OLDE GHOST, drums in FUCKING BULLSHIT. Contrary to popular opinion, I was not in IN ARCADIA or CRESTFALLEN, although I did some backing vocals on the Streaks of Terror LP. I currently volunteer with S.E.W.E.R. to studying the effects of MUTANT SCUM. I also compose background music under the moniker WILLIE DICTIONARY, much of which is featured on the HGTV Handmade YouTube channel.

    You still haven’t answered my question!

    Fill out the form on the Contact page.