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Various Artists

I Can’t Live Without It – Compilation 12″ LP

Black Vinyl | 2000 copies

This compilation is raising funds to encourage the abolition of the death penalty worldwide. An incredible booklet with tons of information (footnotes to boot) and suggestions on ways to do your part and get involved. As for the music, we have songs from Botch, Milhouse, In/humanity, Merrimac, Amber Inn, Closure, Guyver-One, Breakwater, Slow Side Down, Bor, Perilisium Cantos, and Curll.

Track List

  1. BOTCH – Closure
  2. MERRIMAC – Absent
  3. AMBER INN – Hint Taken
  4. CLOSURE – The Trial
  5. GUYVER ONE – Nine Pints
  6. BREAKWATER – Twelve
  7. MILHOUSE – Deserve It
  8. SLOWSLIDEDOWN – Excuse Me, Uh, Mr. Hag?
  9. BOR – Center
  10. PERILISIUM CANTOS – Switches
  11. IN/HUMANITY – Southern Swastika
  12. CURLL – 28 Seconds
  13. “No Flowers For a Cold, Blue Heart”