Sono Pronta A Morire 12″ LP

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Originally a project band started by a group of worldwide hardcore all-stars, Tørsö adopts the best parts of members’ previous projects–the energy of Neo-Cons, the precision of Punch, the heaviness of Holy and the ferocity of Ritual Control—while simultaneously breaking new ground. Easily one of the tightest and most explosive bands in hardcore today, on their debut LP Tørsö combine the catchy, crusty riffs and rhythms of Swedish hardcore like Totalitär and Herätys with pit-clearing mid-paced parts, wrapping it up in a bruisingly thick recording that doesn’t skimp on the bottom end. While they’re very much fast, loud, and hard, Tørsö are a comfortable fit with Sorry State’s pattern of releasing thoughtful, well-developed, and well-written hardcore.

Track List

  1. Reflections On A Damaged Life
  2. Eating Scraps
  3. Pigeonholed
  4. No Commonality
  5. You Stay On That High Horse
  6. Ascension
  7. No Turning Back
  8. Accepted Forms Of Manipulation
  9. Will You Float?
  10. Everyone Is Sick
  11. Solutions According To The Opulent