Mutant Scum

Field Recordings

Green Tape Shells | 150 copies (50 first press / 100 second press)

Handstand Records has joined forces with the Society for Estuary Waste Education & Research (S.E.W.E.R.) to document this monumental discovery. As far as we can tell, these creatures were somehow formed underground out of the decades of industrial waste festering in Brooklyn’s Newtown Creek. These however are our best educated guesses and their true origins remain unknown. Research Package includes cassette of field recordings and specimen for home analysis.

First pressing limited to 50 units is sold out. Second pressing with updated artwork available now!

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Release Notes

Released under special permission from the Society for Estuary Waste Education & Research.

1st Press
50 cassettes in green & clear tape cases, sealed with a biohazard sticker, includes slime packet and digital download code

2nd Press
100 cassettes shrink-wrapped in clear tape cases, with updated artwork and digital download code.

Track List

  1. Rise And Slime
  2. Sick Bay
  3. Sludge Castle
  4. The Nightmare Of Being
  5. Out Of The Sewers, Onto The Streets
  6. Black Mayonnaise
  7. Atomic Scum